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African Birding Safari Tours

Welcome to our East African tourist circuit for Birders and Big Game Lovers. You are invited to go through our sample Safari Programs so that you may see what we typically cover. When requesting a safari,  you can use one of these Sample Itineraries as it may assist you in planning a customized Trip to suite your own needs.

You can further request any of those Itineraries just as they appear or choose to switch accommodation facilities from the ones stated on the program to your own choice or Budget or even request a Budget Camping Safari on the same Itineraries that you will choose. Budget Camping is actually under a mobile Tent with a private cook.

It is further possible to request a combination of Lodge accommodation with Budget Camping, please enquire where possible this can be arranged.

We aim at maximizing the coverage of Fauna and Flora to make the Safari time for you become a unique experience. We change your Dreams towards Nature, and for the Birders, we “stop for birds, and don’t just zoom around” Yet the number of participants on each tour is kept minimal so as to guarantee personal attention.

We do our best to work within Eco Tourism guide lines and at the same time do stimulate and enrich your life in many ways not available by any traditional travel. Discover natural environments, diverse wildlife, different cultures, and new friendships while of safari.