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Birding Ngorongoro, Birdwatching Tours in Ngorongoro Crater Bird Safari and Accommodation


Quote: "It could be a dream, out of the morning mist, men in red with spears suddenly appear as an Antelope crashes out of the forest while a herd of Buffaloes move towards a herd of indigenous Cattle led by a lonely Maasai herdsman and at a stone throw in the plains are Zebras, Wildebeest and Gazelles keeping an eye on a pride of Lions wallowing in the grass with a Hyena pretending to be watching a flock of thousands of pink coloured Flamingos on the crater lake…. We must be in the Garden of Eden." A safari member said in amusement. Come and see for your self the only Natural house in Africa where wild life concentration lives permanently.

This is popularly known as the "Eighth wonder of the world", Noah’s ark, the Eden of Africa… etc. This is the land of the Maasai pastoralists seen grazing cattle and Buffaloes, calves and Antelopes along side, it is land of the Maasai with their cattle, of their flora, and of their fauna. The protected area is home to over 30,000 Mammals, over 600 Bird species, the gigantic earth fracture, crater floor, volcanoes, plains, lakes, forests, archaeological site of Olduvai gorge, the great Rift valley wall- all combine to form the Ngorongoro conservation Area.


Caution! Double check your filming materials before descending to the crater floor, photo taking never seems to end at the Ngorongoro crater floor. floor. The Golden winged Sun bird ,the Tacazze Sun bird and the Living Livingstone’s Turaco, the Endemic Rufous tailed weaver and the Jackson’s Widow bird will be some of the special Bird species of the day to look out for while in the Ngorongoro.


All year except the rainy April. Come and see for yourself.

* Access: 4 Hours drive from Arusha in a 4 WD Vehicle


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