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Technology and Gear to get you excited about Birding

Technology is really helpful in a lot of ways when used correctly. Especially when combined with a keen interest or passion. Birding enthusiasts sometimes sound like they are talking Latin to the average person. Sometimes, it may well even be. If you are new to birding, do not fear. Here are some examples of technology […] Read more

Endemic birds of Tanzania

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Top 10 Bird Watching Destinations for 2019

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Africa’s great Grey Crowned Crane

The elegant Grey Crowned Crane is the national bird and national symbol of Uganda. It is one of Africa’s most iconic and striking birds, named due to its crown of yellow feathers, tipped with black. This crowned crane moves gracefully with a dignified gait and is beautiful to see in flight with the slow downstrokes […] Read more

Going, going, gone? The vulnerable birdlife of the Serengeti that you need to see now!

Sad as it may be, species extinction is happening at a rate faster than we can even comprehend. Fortunately, there are still wild areas in the world where we can see an incredible diversity of birds and wildlife – while we still can. The Serengeti is one of these places. In this article, we list […] Read more

Is Tanzania a Good Destination for Birding?

Is Tanzania a good destination for birding?  The short answer: Most definitely! The long answer: Read this blog post so that we can tell you why … Although most tourists visit Tanzania for the mammals, even the most Big Five-focused safari-goer can’t help but notice the constant birdsong, fluttering wings and beautiful bird sightings in […] Read more