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Birding & Wildlife in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater & Beyond

1st – 14th NOVEMBER 2023

Group: Michael & Diana King (USA), Jay & Diane Nicholson, Rachel Angus (UK)

Guides: Ken Chapman & Peter Roberts

Drivers : Moses & Godbless


November 1. Arrival and Ngare Sero Lodge : I arrived off my Qatar flight into Kilimanjaro by about 7.50am to a bright sunny Tanzania and waited for Ken and his group to come in a little later on the Kenya airways flight. We all met up and were whisked off by our driver guide Donatus to Ngare Sero Lodge. We settled in, met up with Michael and Diana who had arrived yesterday evening, and relaxed until lunch at 1pm.

The afternoon was, as planned, a very casual stroll around the quite lush grounds with its open lawns, mature trees, flower-beds and, most importantly, the large lake. We came across a decent selection of the hoped-for birds, with the very localised Taveta Weavers actively nest-building. Grosbeak (Thick-billed) Weavers were active too, while on the water were, eventually, African Black Duck, African Jacana, with various herons, Hamerkop and Long-tailed Cormorants more abundant. African Fish Eagle posed well at times as did a splendid Giant Kingfisher. The thicker cover in the garden produced Olive and Collared Sunbirds, large numbers of White-eared Barbets. White-throated Robin and African Emerald Cuckoo were welcome additions. We tried calling in African Wood Owl after supper, but only heard it briefly as the rain started and continued quite heavily over night.

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