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January – February 2024

Birding & Wildlife in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater & Beyond

(January 18th – February 7th 2024)

Participants: Alan & Margaret Heavisides and Andrew & Sheila Barker

Organiser and Guide: Peter Roberts

Driver: Geitan


January 18th. Depart UK. We all set out from Edinburgh on a Qatar Airlines flight to Doha which, as far as flying goes, wasn’t too bad. We arrived into the massive, modern Doha airport at about midnight and transferred fairly directly to the onward flight to Tanzania.

January 19th. Arrival into Tanzania. The Qatar Airlines flight from Doha, direct to Kilimanjaro was being done in a much less pleasant Oman airlines plane. We arrived more or less on time, got our visas, collected all our luggage and met up with the transfer vehicle to the very nearby KIA Lodge, just a few minutes away. They weren’t too busy and we’d arranged to get to our rooms immediately on arrival at about 8am.

To read the full Trip Report: NORTHERN TANZANIA TRIP REPORT January 2024

To read full Birding List: Northern Tanzania Trip Bird List January 2024

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