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Endemics of the Eastern Arc Mountains & Pemba and the Northern Circuit


Birding & Wildlife in Tanzania

(1st November – 20th November 2022)

Group: Gil Ewing, Fred Homer, Geoff Pollitt

Tour Leader: Peter Roberts

Local Guides – Kombo (Pemba) & Martin Joho (Eastern Arc Mountains)

Driver: Geitan

Ground Tour Operator: Tanzania Birding and Beyond Safaris

Tour Pace & Style: A Birding Tour


This was planned as a trip trying to combine a chance to see some of the endemic birds of less well-travelled parts of Tanzania with a good taste of the wildlife spectacle of the famous Northern Circuit National Parks. Knowing the country well after 34 previous visits, I was aware of what we had to leave out – that was frustrating. But in the end I believe it worked quite well, with a large tally of birds seen – some of them very special to the area. We also managed to find all of the major game animals with the exception of Black Rhino. Of course the most memorable and spectacular element of the whole tour was the river-crossing of Wildebeest – so very lucky with that!

We recorded a cumulative total of 471 species of birds, of which 10 were “heard only”. I even managed 4 lifers myself and saw 2-3 species I’d never encountered in Tanzania before, so each trip produces interest and surprises. Being so very dry in some areas meant fewer species in breeding dress and calling. Thus we were short on cuckoos, bishops, widowbirds and whydahs.

To read the full Trip Report, please view TANZANIA TRIP REPORT NOVEMBER 2022.

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