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Kenya and Tanzania Birding Itinerary at a glance with Kenya`s  Amboseli,Tsavo and Mombasa Beach Option:

Day 1: Mombasa/ Tsavo East, Birding & Big Game viewing – Voi Safari Lodge.

Day 2: Tsavo East Birding & Big game viewing. Voi Safari Lodge.

Day 3: Transfer to Tsavo West, Birding & Big Game viewing- Kilaguni Lodge.

Day 4 : Tsavo West Birding & Big Game viewing – Kilaguni Lodge.

Day 5:Transfer to Amboseli, Birding & Big Game viewing- Kilanguni Lodge.

Day 6:Amboseli Birding & big Game viewing – Oltukai Lodge.

Day 7 :Transfer to Arusha Tanzania via Lark Plains Birding- IIboru Lodge.

Day 8: Do Arusha National Park Birding – IIboru Lodge.

Day 9: Birding West Usambara Mountains for endemics, specialties and rarities.Mullers Lodge.

Day 10: Another day in the West Usamabaras Birding.

Day 11:Transfer to Amani in the East Usambara mountains. Birding enroute.

Day 12:Birding lower forest and transfer to Upper Amani forest.over night.

Day 13: Transfer to Mombasa.

Day 14: Mombasa.

Day 15
: Mombasa.

Day 16: Mombasa/ Flight Out.

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