Technology is really helpful in a lot of ways when used correctly. Especially when combined with a keen interest or passion. Birding enthusiasts sometimes sound like they are talking Latin to the average person. Sometimes, it may well even be.

If you are new to birding, do not fear. Here are some examples of technology and gear that can help you in your quest to be a better birder (and to get you excited about birding).



Good binoculars make a world of difference in the birding world. Clarity is a hefty point to weigh in on. Take into account the distance you are likely to be viewing birds at, but for average birdwatching a binocular spec of 8 x 42 or 10 x 42 will do. Shop around online to find out more.


Not everyone is a photographic enthusiast, but for those that are, there are definitely DLSR’s out there that will help you capture your latest birding Lifer on camera with a bit of patience.

This can be very rewarding when you look back and remember the thrill of finding and identifying a particular species of bird.

However, these cameras do not come cheap. Do a bit of research on what would be best and get the best that you can in your budget range.


Having a hydration backpack is always a good idea. Keeping yourself comfortable with the pack on your back while hiking to see birdlife is also important. Make sure you visit your local outdoors shop to get something that you are willing to spend your birding time carrying. You won’t regret it later.



technology and gear

Well, your cellphone isn’t going to help you spot a bird, but the apps you have could make a marked difference in identification and location. Here are some that are helpful to use:

  • Bird identification apps – There are many apps you could use depending on which country you are in. It could be Merlin or Audubon or Roberts. Investigate which areas are covered and get an app that suits your style.
  • BirdLasser – This app makes it easy to record birds and share with your friends while contributing to conservation. It also has pinpoint GPS to list where you have seen the birds.
  • Tracking – If you are outdoors, it can sometimes get easy to lose track of where you are when you are spending your time paying attention to the birds. There are some handy apps that can help you keep your location with GPS and even signal or notify recipients if needed.


Find a local birding club and join their email newsletter subscription. It will help grow your passion, knowledge and potentially help you meet up with groups who have the same interests as you.


With the rising popularity of podcasts, there was bound to be someone who wanted birding information to make it out onto the airwaves. Look for some birding podcasts in your part of the world to help you enjoy and learn more in an easy way.

Social Media Groups

Another way to connect with people locally or across the world is to join social media groups online, for example a Facebook birding group. While the whole idea of birding is to get outdoors where the birds are, it is sometimes nice to connect with others and share this interest with them when you aren’t able to be outdoors.

Once the birding ‘bug has bitten’ you, it is unlikely that you will ever revert to your prior self. It is always fun to find new ways to enjoy this interest.

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