It seems there are a lot of people around the world addicted to birding. What is this activity and how can you begin birding? Tanzania Birding has done some sleuthing to bring you our basic ‘How To’ guide.

Take a look at our handy Infographic to help you get started.


How to get started

Here are some handy step-by-step tips on getting started with your birdwatching journey:

Prepare yourself for birdwatching

  • Do some research
  • Wear dark or neutral colours
  • Learn the Lingo
  • Get good binoculars
  • Get a reputable field guide
  • Create a birdwatching pack (all the goodies that you need while you are out on your trip).

Going out

  • Choose a location
  • Walk quietly and slowly
  • Select an area to settle down and get comfortable.

Identifying birds

  • Observe the bird
  • Notice distinguishing features
  • Make a list of birds you see
  • Keep birdwatching regularly.

Now that you have the actionable steps to getting your birding skills on point, come and book a tour with us. You can find our newest tours online and if you have any questions, please contact us on

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