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Birding has some real benefits for your health. It is not strange that it has become a favourite hobby of millions of people worldwide. With the ever-changing seasons, different birds are present all year round to be viewed. Birders have ample opportunity to live their lives in motion with fun experiences that promote a healthy lifestyle.

How can birding improve your health? Take a look at our points and let us know if you agree.

Health tips in birding

1. Getting fresh air in your lungs

When you are birding, you are typically fairly deep into nature and can reap the benefits. Fresh air can be very good to help respiratory problems. You are in a space where trees remove the pollution from the air, which means your lungs are getting a healthy dose of fresh oxygen.

2. Quick reflexes and alertness

Bird watching needs a quick eye, generally tracked by a fast arm reflex. Due to birds being so nifty, the time period you have to see them is short. Tracking and looking for birds helps to promote mental alertness in your brain while you are scanning the trees to catch a sighting of your favourite feathered friends.

After not carrying out these types of activities for a while, you will find you need to ‘retrain’ your eyes to be alert again to see the wonders around you.

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3. Upper body strength

Bird watchers generally select top-notch binoculars that let more light in. Larger bino’s are ideal for low-lighting and are heavier, meaning your arms need to work more. Holding these binoculars for a long period of time will help increase arm strength and set your future birding up for success.

4. Stress reduction

Getting out into nature regularly is important to living a happier, healthy life. It is an opportunity to leave the everyday routines and surroundings to spend time in a naturally appealing atmosphere.

Birding calls for patience, which means plenty of hours of downtime – a natural antidote to stress. Being surrounded by the beauty of nature while out birding helps to reduce stress and calm the mind.

5. Community and togetherness

Birding can be done alone or as a couple, but being active in the birding community can lead to meeting new people and potentially a whole new community. Hobbyists enjoy sharing birding trips and adventures together. A new interest in birding may inspire more friendships in your life.

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Source: Everythingbirds

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