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Tanzania is our home and specialty destination, yet we wing you to other exciting destinations in our neighborhood such as:

Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia and Botswana, South Africa and Madagascar.

Your Birding, Wildlife and/or Photographic Safari experience with us is a discovery of what these exciting destinations offer in terms of avian (bird life), Big game Viewing, People, Mountains and Scenery, and not forgetting the wealth of experience behind them. Come and see for yourself this greatest wildlife spectacle on Earth with terrific birding experience amidst beasts.

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14 Days Northern Tanzania Birding & Big Game Photographic Safari

Best of Northern Tanzania Birding & Big Game Photographic Safari! ...

21 Days Lake Victoria to the East Coast Tanzania Birding

Birding and Wildlife Extravaganza! ...

14 Days Tanzania Birding in Luxury

Birding and Wildlife Photography at a slow pace! ...

18 Days East to Southern Tanzania Birding

For the Near Endemics and Specialties! ...

14 Days Southern Tanzania Birding

The Wild and Remote South and the Miombo woodland Birding! ...

7 Days North Eastern Tanzania Birding Express “Birding on Borrowed Time”

Targets the Beesley`s Lark and the Spot Throat! ...

20 Days Spotlight on Tanzanian Endemics

Hooking the last Lifers, just Birding! Mostly on foot! ...

7 Days Northern Tanzania – Tanzania Birding Express

Birding the North on Borrowed Time! ...
Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safari shoebill safaris

14 Days Uganda Budget Birding Tour

Mostly Forest Birding! ...

15 Days Kenya Budget Birding

May be rough, but an adventure! ...

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Your Safari with Tanzania Birding and Beyond Safaris in Africa means:


We invite you to read through our web-pages in order to be able to come up with the actual desired Holiday of your lifetime. We always have one more lifer for you.
Our guides believe “there is always one more bird you have never seen on planet earth”
Tanzania boasts a large number of unusual and endemic bird species, and a list which nearly exceeds that of neighboring Kenya and almost equals Uganda.

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Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safari+

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Find a list of all important birding areas in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda  HERE>>

Several bird species world wide have been identified as endemics to some places. Here are the lists for the East African countries Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.  MORE>>

Here are the checklists of the Birds of East Africa. Click on the country Link to Download the corresponding Check List. ( PDF format) MORE>>

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Amazing Birdwatching Safari in Kenya and Tanzania with Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safaris July /August 2021

I’m extremely grateful for the three weeks birdwatching safari in Kenya and Northern Tanzania in July/August 2021 !

It was kind of a spontaneous decision and there was not much time for the whole planning and booking process. But Tina at “Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safaris” did an outstanding job !.

The whole planning cycle was very cooperative and effortless for me although it must have taken her endless hours to accommodate all my wishes especially with having in mind the challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was always available even at night or early morning!

Once I arrived in Nairobi the planning paid off immediately. The transport from the airport, my first night in Nairobi, as well as the meeting with my birding guide Chege, all went smooth and without any problems. The programme was extensive and at times exhausting but that’s how I wanted it! Chege made sure that we are on the same page regarding the schedule of each day and what my preferences are. His skills in spotting and hearing birds are incredible! Chege’s experience and knowledge are nothing short of sensational!

It’s a tall order to pick some of the highlights of 21 incredible days. Kakamega Forest, Maasai Mara, Samburu and Isiolo Counties north of Nairobi, Serengeti, and the lark plains north of Arusha were some of the unforgettable places. Besides the hundreds of bird species, some of them highly endemic, we saw countless other animals, visited fascinating places, and met interesting people.

Overall, I can highly recommend a tour with “Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safaris”, and you should not hesitate to get in touch with them!

J. Knocha
Germany - July/Aug 2021
Highlights of Tanzanian Endemics with Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safaris

If you are a birder who wants to explore the rich diversity of birds in Tanzania, you cannot make a better choice than Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safaris to help you plan and conduct your trip. We just completed a five-week trip searching for endemics and other specialties, and our experience was stellar. Our guide, Anthony, and our driver, Geitan, were both experts, on the birds and the logistics of moving our group of four around the country to the best places for our target species. With their help we were able to see 547 species and almost all of our target birds. Anthony and Geitan were professional as well as great traveling companions, and we now consider them both members of our birding family and cannot recommend them highly enough. The support staff in Arusha did a wonderful job of dealing with luggage delayed almost a week by the airline and accommodating the Covid testing requirements. We always felt safe and secure knowing that Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safaris had our interests and our welfare in mind.

If have never birded in Africa, start that adventure in Tanzania with this company; if you are looking for a custom trip to target African birds to add to your life list, work with Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safaris. Five Stars to the staff and to all the friendly, kind people we met along the way. We will never forget this experience. We can see why birders return to Tanzania again and again.

Patsy & Tom Inglet
San Antonio, Texas, USA - July / Aug 2021

I have just returned from a remarkably successful birding tour in Tanzania with Tanzania Birding and Beyond Safaris ( 30 Nov – 22 Dec 2020 ). This Tour was outfitted and designed to specifically fit in my Life Target list and picking up most of the Tanzanian Endemics and rarities!! The team who planned and performed the tour for me is truly professional and was extremely responsive to my wishes, in particular to my ‘wish list’ of wanted birds which was quite long. The tour was planned meticulously by Tina & her office Team. The field was skilfully handled by Anthony – the Top Bird guide with great skills through the many species, a great deal of them new to me, and not forgetting Geitan – who certainly proved that he is a skilled driver with no doubt. I am not a world “lister”, but I am an experienced birder on several continents including Africa – I have met many excellent birders over the years, but I have to be sincere and say that Anthony takes the top prize of all. Not only his eyes are sharp as an eagle and his ears sensitive like a bat, his enormous knowledge and field experience was much beyond my expectations – It is difficult to beat his skills, “the Man with an eagle Eye” and … Bat-like ears!! He birds by your pace and style. And how Geitan tirelessly handled muddy tracks, potholes and chaotic traffic day after day is an accomplishment.

All in all, we recorded no less than 529 species of birds, including my pre-tour visits to Pugu Forest in Dar es Salaam, and Pemba Island, 158 of these species being my lifers of course. A fantastic success, bearing in mind that I prior to the trip believed around 100 new species (‘lifers’) would be realistic for this kind of Tour and would have been a fair play with hard work. Read more…

Thomas Pettersson
Sweden - December 2020
I am writing to let you know how thoroughly well I enjoyed my birding “and beyond” tour with your company. So very fortunate to see many, many, many birds and other wildlife in two weeks.

Both Anthony and Moses were excellent companions and expert guides and looked after me extremely well. I very much enjoyed our conversations at meal times – I learnt a lot about Tanzania. The accommodations and meals were excellent with freshly made “ugali” too! I practised my Swahili everyday.

I took thousands of photographs and am now going through them and identifying them as per Anthony’s expert guidance – “Bwana Ndege”.

Moses and Anthony made sure I had the best opportunities to get the best shots by locating the vehicle in the right position – forward a bit, back a bit – Thank you.

This was a trip of a lifetime for me and the memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will definitely recommend this type of tour to my birding/photographers here in Canada.

I wish you and your company the very best and may you prosper and grow in the years to come. Asante sana, sana”

Sadik Kassam
Canada - April 2019
Jambo Tanzania Birding & Beyond Safaris,
During our search for a better place for our Birding Vacation, Yasuko (my wife) found a website of the Tanzania Birding and Beyond Safari. It seemed for us, as far as we looked at the website, that Tanzania was full of fun and this would be the right company to handle for us. We learned we could enjoy variety of big game along with bird species we never saw before. We therefore made a contact with Tina at the office via email and eventually decided to ask them the best time to visit. After several discussions and email exchanges and options, our tour was set to start December 8th, 2019.
We really enjoyed our tour. The tour was far more than we expected, extremely beyond our expectations from the birds, mammals, people and photography. Many thanks to the professional Team from the office (Tina), Field Bird Guide (Anthony) and the safest Safari Driver (Geitan). Our Trip report is available for this tour.
Akio and Yasuko Yamada
Tokyo Japan – December 2019
We had our “Trip of a Lifetime” with Tanzania Birding and Beyond Safaris.

Hi Team at Tanzania Birding and Beyond Safari, I could not have picked a more perfect tour company. Not only did they cater to my search for Life Birds, they also made sure we saw lots of wildlife too! Anthony (our Bird Guide ) amazed me with his knowledge of all the birds, even at a distance and was good birding by ear too!.

And Edison ( our Safari Driver ) knew all the best spots to search for creatures great and small. I am amazed how he knows his way around those mazes of roads! And best of all, both gentlemen were so fun to be around. They made us feel at ease and answered every question we threw at them whether it was about the parks, the birds, the animals, the people or anything about Tanzania in general.

Thank you for finding me 295 new birds, including all those “BASTARDS”….I mean BUSTARDS ! (Inside joke with the boys during the trip). Thank you for not only finding us the quintessential African wildlife that one expects to see but also finding us two Servals (great spotting Edison!) and a pair of Bat-eared Foxes at their den. And even though only Dave “Hammer-cop” (another joke on our tour) got to see the Red-billed Firefinch, I hold no grudges. That just gives me an excuse to come back to beautiful Tanzania and explore more of the country.

A special thanks to the staff at all of the wonderful lodges and tent camps where we stayed. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I hope we made them smile as often as they made us smile. And special thanks to office Team (Tina ) who took the list of places we wanted to see and made a spectacular itinerary for us. Asante Sana!

Karen Miller & Dave Gilstrap
USA – September 2019:
Happy New Year 2017 to all of you there at Tanzania Birding! I hope 2017 brings you much happiness and success! I can’t tell you how pleased and delighted we were with our entire trip! Everything that could go right, did. But I do realize that everything went right because of all the effort and planning and attention to details from you all there at Tanzania Birding. Thank you!

From Geitan’s confident, careful driving to Anthony’s impressive knowledge on such a wide range of topics (and his patience and willingness to share his knowledge), we could not have asked for anything more!

The accommodations were amazing, the vehicle was always clean and comfortable, Geitan took great care to keep our luggage as dust- free as possible, the food was delicious, and the company was always enjoyable.

You now have 4 new advertising agents here in the U.S.! We will be pleased to recommend Tanzania Birding to anyone interested in visiting Africa for birding or safaris. Who knows, some day we may find ourselves back in Africa with you!

Again, our sincere appreciation for all your efforts on our behalf.

Bill & Marj and Martin & Ali
natural photo of Zanzibar Red Bishop

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